Protect and Authenticate Your Masterpieces

Safeguard the integrity and provenance of your high-value artworks with our cutting-edge Molecular Avatar Technology. Embed each piece with a unique, tamper-proof molecular identity that ensures authenticity and provenance for thousands of years, instilling trust and confidence in collectors, art enthusiasts and future generations.

Seamlessly integrate our invisible technology directly into your paints or apply it as a coating without altering the artwork's appearance or texture.
Prove authenticity and provenance with an unalterable molecular identity that remains discreet and undetectable to the naked eye.
Combat forgery and counterfeiting by making each artwork truly one-of-a-kind, while preserving its original look and feel.
Imbue your artwork with images, audio, or video directly into the paint or other materials, allowing you to share the story and inspiration behind your creation for generations.