Iridia is an emerging San Diego company bringing together DNA chemistry, electronics, molecular biology and nanofabrication technology to develop a revolutionary long-term data storage platform.  We are on the cutting edge of this unique field and are seeking innovative, motivated and passionate team members to join us to solve this critical world need that will revolutionize technology!  We offer an exciting and diverse team where our experiences and backgrounds make us stronger and energize us to change the technology world.  Iridia, Inc is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

We offer competitive employee compensation package that includes:

* Competitive salary

* Great healthcare benefits with employer contribution

If you have our level of passion and commitment, consider our team! To apply, email your CV/resume to


All our openings are currently filled.  If you have an exemplary talent in one of the following fields, we would like to speak with you.  Please send your CV/Resume to

* Electrical Engineering

* Mechanical Engineering

* Systems Engineering

* Molecular Biology

* Protein Chemistry

 * Surface Chemistry

* Enzymology (DNA modifying enzymes)

* Isothermal Amplification